Katy Foley

Katy Foley grew up on Chicago’s south side with the bulls dream team. Too short to be like Mike she set her aspirations towards Comedy. She studied at Second City Chicago and was part of the youngest group to get a professional show. Katy has since then married her love of comedy with immersive theater producing Paulie’s Polymer’s Office Christmas Party. She has also been featured in last year’s fringe festival performance of Snow Fridge. Katy has a show in the works for Fringe Festival, details will be released soon…

Cave Girl the Musical

"Cave Girl The Musical will have you riveted from the moment [Glennis] bursts on the stage singing her heart out front and center.” - Carole D'andrea, original "Velma" West Side Story Broadway and Motion Picture casts


ORANGUTAN is a haunting and absurd one-woman show about the mother of a brutish (slightly orange) would-be dictator, and the tribalism that’s tearing our country apart.