Vanzu beaumont-Khonsu

“Yes I have doubted and I have wandered off the path. I have been lost. But I always returned. It is beyond the logic I seek. It’s intuitive – an intrinsic, built in sense of direction. I seem to always find my way home. My faith has wavered but has saved me. "
– Helen Hayes

Vanzu Khonsu, AKA, Jovan Rameau, is a classically trained thespian and voice actor who loves reading and reciting poetry with his strong, compelling, baritone- commanding voice to whoever will listen. His love for the classic literature world of Shakespeare, Greek Tragedies, Pushkin and antiquity is monumental. Vanzu is known for the voices of a few good video games. He is a graduate of the MFA Acting Program @ the ART – Harvard University. He studied Acting Shakespeare @ RADA and earned his BFA @ USC School of Drama. His most memorable acting role as a professional actor was when Vanzu nailed the audition and won the role of Haeman, Prince of Thebes in the Oedipus Plays-(trilogy) opposite Cynthia Martells, Avery Brooks, Earle Hyman, Petronia Payley, Windel Pierce with Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Company, Michael Khan who helmed the production@ the Acropolis Amphitheater in Greece. Vanzu also played that same role at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington DC.

While in Russia, admiring the famous Alexander Pushkin Statue, he was approached by a local theater director who was directing a play about the Poet, offered him the part of Pushkin at the Pushkin Square. “That was spontaneous and timely— and it was Pushkin that brought us together to create something timeless in the time allowed… an unforgettable moment I shall treasure.”

Vanzu is Caribbean born. ……

“Those of you who have been there, Haiti, know it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has everything above the ground, and everything under the ground….It is an amazing place. I strongly recommend that whenever you get a chance, if you haven’t been there, that you go to Haiti. When I die, I think that Haiti is going to be written on my heart.”
– Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt, toast of the
President of Haiti at a white house
dinner— October 14, 1943…

It was Queen Mary one of England who said ’when I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais laying in my heart’.
1839, during her reign, England had lost Haiti to the French, though.