Liesel Kopp

Liesel has appeared in Equity-waiver plays, indie films, and TV shows such as Masters of Sex, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Parenthood, and Men of a Certain Age. She’s co-hosted a children’s comedic/educational web series (MrClown.TV) created by a former Emmy Award-winning co-executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond. Katy and Jennifer is her 3rd Fringe play and she’s delighted to be a part of it.

The Bully Problem: a new musical!

The bullies run rampant at Van Der Bort Jr. High until young genius Kevin Dijkstra brings a robot bodyguard onto the scene! An all-ages musical adventure from the author of A Feast of Snacks (HFF 2016 nominee for Best Musical).


Adapted from the book "Wigfield", this play tells the story of a writer named Russell Hokes who stumbles upon a 'town' of people who have is hope. Hope to be recognized as the town they claim to be before the government destroys them.