Lauren Gorski

Lauren Gorski is a writer in Southern California and received her Master’s in Professional Writing from USC in 2015. She is the Stage and Screen editor of Exposition Review. Her work has been featured in apt, Underground Voices, Jersey Devil Press, and on stage through Playground-LA and The Athena Cats.

Cirque du Giselle

Cirque du Giselle is a dark & tragic love story of deceit, heartbreak, consequences, & redemption – where love eventually triumphs over vengeance from the grave & beyond. Brought to life on the stage in a swirl of aerial & cirque magic!

Captivating. Inspiring. Transformational

Last chance to catch this "MUST-SEE" play. The most inspirational play you'll ever see! Want to think, feel & live on a grand scale? Seize your day? This powerful play ignites your passion to live an epic life!