Michael Bauer

Hi. I’m a writer, a singer and an actor on the stage of life. I’m a human.

I’m a pariah in many social circles… well, not really; but, I’m socially awkward, so sometimes I feel that way.

I originally had a longer description but I changed it so I can remain mysterious… teehee.

I want to make love to everyone.

The medicine you need!

This show... "... is soul medicine, powerful and healing.... it assaults our comfort with a fierceness that would make Antonin Artaud and Berthold Brecht proud.” -Mark Hein "... is the beautiful medicine you need.” – Scathach Cotter


"If they get you when you're a child, they've got you for life." Experience Nicole Steinwedell's One Woman Show about growing up in a Christian cult, internalizing her abusers, and finally reclaiming her life as her own! *CLICK IMAGE FOR TICKETS*