Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman is originally from Baltimore, MD. She is a co-founder of 2Cents Theatre Group, and serves as the Vice President of Creative Affairs on the Board of Directors. As an actress, her favorite past roles include Chrissy in “In the Boom Boom Room”, Catherine in “Proof”, Cathy in “The Last Five Years”, Maggie in the World Premiere of “Games Poets Play”, Alysha in “Fugitive Songs”, and Joanne in “RENT”. You can catch Kate in HFF 2016 in THREE shows. She co-wrote “Nilbog: The Musical” and is playing Creedence, she is Kristi in “Porno Dido” and is one of the principal performers in “Mad Lib: The Musical”.


Carl Kozlowski fell asleep at the wheel of his car, made Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank think he died mid-interview and had to race an LA bus at 90 mph. Now he's ready to share his craziest narcoleptic misadventures with you. Strap in!

Lincoln 2020

Jaded campaign manager Tess Baker (Jessica Jones meets Josh Lyman) is about ready to throw in the towel when somebody wakes up a candidate she can work with - Abraham Lincoln.