Christopher Broughton

Christopher Broughton – Photographer

If you have ever tried to run to the top of a very steep hill without stopping you probably ended up gasping for air, this is how I feel about my need to create images.

I see photography as a unique medium because it straddles the space between a moment of time and the witnessed perspective of how the photographer sees the world. My mantra is a quote by Robert Hughes, which truly sums up how I feel about my work.

“Art should make us feel more clearly and more intelligently. It should give us coherent sensations which we might otherwise not have had”.

I grew up traveling and I remember vividly taking my mom’s twin lens camera for a five week summer camp into the mountains of North Carolina with a single 12 exposure roll of film when I was eleven. The precious 12 frames were mine to fill with the jewels of summer. The quest to visually fill the frame has never stopped.

I began my education at Oregon State University then completed both my BA and MS in Photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I was truly honored to return to my alma mater and serve as a faculty member for over 20 years. I taught courses in both the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs while at Brooks Institute in Digital Photography, Digital Asset Management, The View Camera, Introduction to the Studio, Advanced Studio Applications, Zone System, Optics of Fine Art and Photographic Theory. One of the true highlights of teaching was the opportunity to spend the last 5 summers taking students abroad to study in the “city of light” Paris for 10 weeks.

Because of my recent travels I have been working on a project entitled Artist Portraits on artists working in Paris.


Christopher Broughton


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