Zackery Alexander

As his first year at Hollywood Fringe, Zackery Alexander is excited to bring his newest play, “The Thirty-Three,” to the Southern Californian audience.

He has previously published the science-fiction novel, “Epsilon A.R.,” with its spiritual sequel, “We The Gods,” on its way later this year. He has also previously written and produced two short films, “Forget Me Not” and “Hogwash,” as well as is producing the upcoming short film “Blues Boys.”

Please check out our play, “The Thirty-Three.” We look forward to seeing you there!

PWYC June 21 8:30 - RAVE REVIEWS!

Crawling through late-middle-age, a diligent husband keeps his sanity with offbeat guidance from a therapist-astrologer. Together they cure old age with New Age.