Stephanie Lehrer

Being the grandchild of Yiddish Theater actors I was surrounded by colorful, loud, talented people growing up. Bedtime stories were weaved about New York in the early 20th century. They were about tenaciousness, being prepared, and getting the show put together in time for opening curtain. My grandparents would somehow frame their living as actors and producers a lesson in the ‘art of life’. I learned to always be kind and listen; understand that you will be surrounded by all sorts of people with different needs and concerns; and to be that one person that gets the job done whether it’s a last minute alteration of a costume’s loose hem, negotiating terms of a contract so all parties are satisfied, and never assume the spotlight is the most important part of the performance. Pop and Sally taught me that being the person that everyone could count on and put at ease creates a magical environment with which to grow and create. This is what I do…

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"A show with a unique twist that makes it a great example of how to have fun within a Fringe show..."-EB ..."Like a wiggly just can't be tied down" -HH... #WhatsYourSin?


After a one-night stand, Jack and Erica try to uncover more of each other. She wants to be an actress and he's a mysterious Irishman who has the money to make her dreams come true - until an unspeakable act leads to an explosive climax in: HOBOKEN.