Maliabeth Johnson

Maliabeth Johnson is an American actress born in Arizona and raised in Hawaii. Maliabeth excelled in the Arts at a young age. In 1998, her family moved to Los Angeles, California where she started acting in theatre. After relentless pleading her parents agreed to let her pursue a career in film and television. She is best known for her role as Miriam Gergich on the hit sitcom, Parks & Recreation. She is co-starring in the upcoming feature film, The Way You Look Tonight.
Currently she can be seen returning to theatre starring in, The Woman Is Perfected; a one woman show written by Ruth Fowler for Hollywood Fringe Festival. In addition to acting, Maliabeth is an artist.


From the Justice for Janitors Campaign in the 90s to End Rape on the Night Shift in 2016, YA BASTA: TIME’S BEEN UP tells the story of immigrant janitor’s fight to end rape on the night shift while resisting to no longer be invisible in the workplace.