Bryan Sapphire

I have been in the entertainment industry since I was in a diaper commercial in 1969. I have toured with multiple circuses as both a juggler and a clown. I am most know for my appearances on the hit TV show Married with Children. Additional credits include, Mork and Mindy, Star Trek VI, (original cast), Bay Watch, I played the Venice Beach Juggler, and Riccocet to name a few.

A Solo Show About A Modern Relationship

Kate and her husband thought it a good idea to get into a polyamorous relationship, but then the rules were broken. What happened next is a hilarious look into a modern relationship.

Free show this Saturday!

Life Plan is immersive satirical sci-fi — you’re live at a timeshare sales pitch from our dystopian future. Your Dream Life™ is the offer. Fulfillment is the opportunity. Will you buy in?